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"Crunch as if you were in the early days of a better nation!"

Welcome, Failte, & Fit Like? to the biggest, oldest (established in 1999 as Scotland's Seti) and best Scottish Boinc team around!

We crunch for all the major Boinc projects and nearly all the minor ones. Our aim is to use our spare computing power to advance human knowledge while enjoying some friendly competition amongst ourselves and with other teams. So if you're Scottish by birth, ancestry, residence, emotional attachment or even if you've no link at all with Scotland but just fancy being part of a lively friendly team, please come join us, everyone is welcome. The most important part of the site is our Forum . Even if you're not a member of any of our teams we'd be delighted to have you visit.

To post/tweet/write stuff here you need a twitter account and you need to tweet me, megacruncher, asking me to add you to the list.


There are an awful lot of sites out there where you can get statistics about Boinc. Here are my two favourites which I access daily:

TSBT Stats by Temujin. Our friends & rivals United Kingdom Boinc Team have kindly set up a excellent stats site for us. It updates hourly and it is excellent if you want to follow your or the team's progress in real time. It's not quite so good for comparing TSBT with other teams or individuals with non-TSBT members. For that you need:

TSBT on Boincstats. This is probably the best regarded of the several Combined Boinc Statistics sites an is, IMHO, the best place to compare the performance of Teams & Individuals in, either Boinc overall, or in particular projects. Also it will give you the performance of individual hosts [ie machines]. The main limitation of the site is that it only fully updates once per day.

TSBT's overall standing.

Both sites reward some thorough exploration so take some time to look around & to get to know them.

Also each project has their own stats pages, on their websites, which you can get to from the projects tab on your Boinc Manager.

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